A freelancer with creative talents
I’ve been working with fashion, lifestyle and beauty for over 12 years. My talent is to create surprising and imaginative stories and concepts. If you need campaign manager, producer, creative consult, stylist, or help with PR, just name it and let me know! My latest work is lifestyle web magazine called Tuttifrutti Magazine.

“I love to make people happy as well as I love to create visual happiness around me!”

I’ve studied window dressing, graphic design and graduated with a diploma in Marketing and communications with Visual marketing. After being an assistant for “older experienced fashion editors” I decided to start my own business. My own company Decopia was founded in 2009.

Oikeusministeriö, Tieto, Fennia, Inspecta, Anna, Finnair, Dna, Vianor, Me Naiset, Kaksplus, Kaksplus Perhe, Hyvä terveys, ET-lehti, Matkaopas-lehti, Eeva, Ekonomi, Iiris, Kristina Cruises, Saunalahti, Fazer Domino, Xylimax, Eckerö Line, Meidän perhe, Gloria, Carte d’Or, Keijunkihara, Max Factor, Boss, Kotiliesi, Kg-lehti, K-Market, Ensto, OP-Pohjola, Suuri Käsityölehti, Heinon Tukku, Vauva-lehti, Stockmann, Ralph Lauren…

Email pia.decopia(at)gmail.com Phone +358 40 505 1296 Facebook LinkedIn

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